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About Us

Who are we?

We are a fun team of participants and support staff who love living life to its fullest and growing and learning in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island ,British Columbia! 

Come visit and let us show you!

We are a CARF Accredited Agency and a client & family focused service.  This means you can relax knowing we are committed to the best possible effort to make sure your day with us meets or exceeds your expectations. 


When someone decides to use our resources, they are referred by Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). A person often spends the first 3 months taking the opportunity to try out things they have an interest in, and or new experiences. This helps people make decisions about what dreams, goals they have and what community events and activities they would like to participate in. We assist the participant in developing a service plan and goals for the time they spend utilizing our resources.

In addition to any individual goals and requests for support, people often choose to take part in some of the many local or in program activities.

We are funded by Community Living British Columbia (CLBC)

Our waitlist and eligibility for service is determined by CLBC

We celebrated our 30th year in 2017

We've grown and changed a lot since 1987! We are proud of our journey! It's made us the Satori 'family' we are today! Life changes are a constant for us all and embracing or moving in it works for all of us when we have trusting relationships in our daily life. At Satori we strive to make sure everyone feels valued, and supports are in place for opportunities to learn and grow and enjoy life.

Come see us in person!

We love our families and community so feel free to visit!

Service Provider - Julie Towers

Program Administrator- Deborah West 

Program Supervisor - Dawn Holowatiuk


Satori Lifestyle Resources 310 Puntledge Rd, Courtenay, B.C. V9N 6Z8 Canada

( 250) 338 4482


 Mon-Fri 8.30am - 4pm


Statutory Holiday Closures 2019

 Jan 1, Feb 18, April 19, April 22, May 20, July 1, Aug 5, Sept 2, Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 24, Dec 25, Dec 26

Seasonal closure Dec 24 -12 noon - Reopen  Jan2, 2020 8:30 am - 

6 planning days per year 

2019 Planning day closures - Jan Jan18, Mar 11, May 6, Jul 22, Sept 23, Nov 25

Weather Closures 

We use the school cancellation notifications as our guide to weather  closures.          

Due to accessibility, client mobility issues & safety, the service provider may cancel activities and direct staff to provide in-program activities during snow or flooding conditions or cancel services based on safe operating conditions for clients and staff.


Our Story



We are a CARF Accredited agency who offer support resources for people who have disabilities that are over the age of 19 and live in the Comox Valley area. We provide community inclusion supports that focus on employment, social and life skills. "Employment First" and "Aging in Place" are core values at Satori.

We can help you find opportunities to enhance your dreams and goals while participating in and contributing to community life.

We offer our inclusion services based on an individuals' needs and they are person/family directed 




In August 1st 2009, we changed our name to 

“Satori Lifestyle Resources”

Why the name change and what does it mean?

It means “Awakening” and is a Japanese Buddhist term for enlightenment and understanding. It means no longer seeing the world in the same way and it (Satori) opens your mind to a new way of thinking and being.

Our name reflects our belief and vision that community is inclusive and 

 inclusion is about community citizenship for all of us. We strive to promote this belief by developing friendships and common interests with other members of the community and participating and 

contributing with visibility and advocacy. 

Who are we? Our History!




In 1987 CAPS (Community Access Programs) began offering day program services to 12 individuals who were looking for something different than their existing support. After the closure of the Lefco Centre, the following year, CAPS and the Comox Valley Leisure Club opened with 12 participants in each program. The two programs operated concurrently until 1999 when they amalgamated and became what is now one program. During these times we constantly re-evaluated and restructured the program to meet the changing needs of existing participants and to better accommodate the transition of school graduates into adult services. In 2003 we moved to a new location with more space, and upgraded facilities. In 2011 we moved to yet a larger facility able to accomodate our diverse services. In 2017 we celebrated our 30 year anniversary.


We define ourselves by...

Our Vision



Working together, to create inclusive communities where everyone belongs.


Our Mission



Satori Lifestyle Resources is a multi-faceted day service that guides and empowers individuals in innovative ways to live the life they want.



Our work at Satori is guided by our commitment to these fundamental values. 


We are committed to providing the highest quality of service possible.  


  We employ creative and flexible thinking to generate new ideas and approaches  that support individual interests and needs.

At Satori,

We embrace diversity.

We celebrate the uniqueness of people and enjoy how our relationships 

are enriched by our differences.

We respect one another.

We recognize and appreciate each person’s gifts, talents and their contributions.

We treat everyone with dignity.

We foster a sense of self-worth. Everyone has strengths and goals and it is our job 

to help individuals at Satori realize their great worth and amazing potential.

We value and honour families. Families and caring relationships are a 

vital part of the individual’s life.

We welcome and encourage their involvement.

We value teamwork. Working together makes us stronger. At Satori we are 

supportive of and care for each other.

We promote advocacy. It is our responsibility to ensure that the individuals we support 

have a voice and the opportunity to be successful in all areas of their daily living.

We value innovation and excellence.


Employment Support at Satori

Supported employment creates unique opportunities



Interested people attending Satori can participate in a supported employment program. An employment counsellor through the process of employment discovery explores employment possibilities with individuals.

Supported employment truly is an opportunity any employer can provide and benefit from. 

Success comes because of the cooperation between employer, employee and job coach. 'We help the employee to be able to do the work'. Having an onsite job coach provides continued support during the persons work hours.

When an individual is at work, an employment counselor is there with them to assist with problem solving, encouragement, and on the spot adjustments that make his/her continued success possible. 

There is an ongoing collaboration between the support worker and the employer. A good fit between the employee and the employer part of the reason why employment can be successful and meaningful for all parties. 

Our jobs are such a large part of our lives and it is no different for individuals with developmental abilities.

Get Involved!


Working with supported employment is a rewarding way to involve individuals with disabilities in your business. Often employers find themselves able to employ someone with developmental disability which frees up their other staff to do other work.

Looking for a great employee?


One thing we know about people with developmental disabilities is that they have an incredible variety of diverse abilities. Our Supported Employment Program allows employers the opportunity to see these abilities and put them to good use in their businesses.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in becoming involved with the Satori Supported Employment Program please contact Donna Elderton at (250) 338-4482.

Aging in Place


We believe everyone belongs here who wants to be here and age shouldn't determine where you get your services.



We all bring something to the table! Erica brings her small business!


We honor our Elders!

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